Monday, November 29, 2010

Large Group Survey

We need your help to improve our Large Groups! You can do so by giving us your feedback and input so we can do our best to a space for lives to be transformed, our campus to be renewed, and for world changers to be developed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Social Justice Week Re-cap - Share your story with us!

Praise God for the amazing ways He was working through our campus during Social Justice Week! It was exciting to see us come together to engage the campus through conversations, chain gangs, and proxe stations to raise awareness about modern day slavery and God's mission to restore the earth in full shalom.

At Love Out Loud, our Friday night event,we got to see at least 222 people attend - that's one of the biggest IV events we've had on this campus! God worked through the performers, the speakers were informative and challenging, and the gospel was proclaimed.

We're sure that YOU have tons of stories to share! Leave comment below to tell us about the conversations you've had, the people you've encountered, the things you've witnessed, or the ways God has changed you through this eye-opening experience.

And enjoy just a few snapshots and videos of the events below!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Social Justice Week

SJW Schedule:

Monday (11/1)
* Chain gangs
@ 12:50 PM
@ 2:00 PM
Tuesday (11/2)
* Chain gangs
@ 12:55 PM
* Call and Response Film Showing - LH 7 @ 7:00 PM

Wednesday (11/3)
* Proxe Stations @ 11AM-4PM

Thursday (11/4)
* Proxe Stations @ 11AM-4PM
* Trafficking Info. Event - Dickinson's Rafuse Lounge @ 8:00PM-9:00PM.

Friday (11/5)
* Chain gangs
@ 2:00 PM
@ 3:10 PM
* Proxe Stations @ 11AM-4PM
* Love Out Loud Event - UU-120, doors open @ 6:45 PM.

Organizations we're donating to:

* Love 146 (
* Not for Sale Campaign (
* New York City Urban Project (

What will SJW look like?

Chain Gangs
Meet @ UU-314.
Chain gangs meet 10 minutes before class gets out and last ten minutes in between classes.
They go through the Food Court, down the spine, across the bridge across from Lecture Hall, around the PODS, and past the Engineering Building back to the InterVarsity Office in UU-314.

Proxe Stations
Meet @ the fountain.
There are two proxe stations, the Satisfy Your Craving (How much would you have to pay for sex tonight?) and the How Does Evil Invade your Space?

Love Out Loud
Meet @ UU-120. Join us for one of our biggest events of the week! Learn what you can do to fight modern day trafficking.

* Poet Jonathan Walton from InterVarsity's NYCUP and Dierdre Mars from the Not For Sale Campaign will be coming to speak on trafficking from biblical and academic perspectives.
* Binghamton's Koinonia Christian a cappella group will be singing.
* Student groups such as THiNK, OxFam, Amnesty International, and others will be tabling at the event.
* Performances and refreshments will be available.

How can we prepare for SJW?

Watch these Videos

Facts to Learn
In order to engage our campus, we need to know what we're talking about! Here are some resources you can use:

There are 27,000,000 slaves in the world today. Roughly 80% are women, 50% are children, and 80% are involved in some form of sexual exploitation. It affects 137 countries out of 195 and makes around $32,000,000,000 (that's billion) dollars a year.

*'s Facts about Human Trafficking
* Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Facts on Sex Trafficking
* YouthNoise's Facts on Sex Trafficking

Buy a T-shirt!
You'll need to purchase one of the t-shirts to participate in the chain gangs or proxe stations for $10. Please contact Nathan Bixler at to find out how to get one!

How can we pray for SJW?

* That trafficking in Binghamton would be revealed to the police, to the campus, to the community.

* That Christians' hearts begin to break for the things that breaks God's. That we would begin to love our neighbors as ourselves and that the direction of our fellowship would mirror that.

* That God and his love and glory would be revealed to non-Christians on campus, that we would be effective in engaging the campus with the gospel.