Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what is a HTCH and what does that have to do with me?

hi guys, tammy here.

for those of you who missed our town hall meeting on valentine's day, here's a chunk of what we talked about:

imagine if all the IVCF members were uprooted and disappeared from the binghamton university campus.

do you think anyone would miss our presence on campus?

the things we've been doing on campus have been great. we've begun to see the lives of our fellow classmates, roommates, floormates, and other people on campus slowly (and sometimes quickly) transform.

but are our transformed lives making an impact on this campus? because if they aren't, then how can God use us to renew the campus?

most of you know that there has been a huge community-focused movement in IVCF. we're beginning to see a glimpse of the possible and potential opportunities God has for us to make an impact through the community we live in.

no one can make decisions for you. i'm not just talking about big decisions like whether or not you should transfer, where you should live next year, or what classes you should take. i'm talking about the attitude you have in making those big decisions, as well as the smaller, every-day decisions.

so when it comes down to making those decisions (both big and small), we're asking you to do two "i's":

take initiative.
and be intentional.

my pastor described the definition of "initiative" this way: you're aware of the needs around you and you care enough to do something about them. neither of those things can be without the other. you can be aware of the needs around you but not care enough to do something about it (i call that apathy...not one of my favorite things in the world), and you can care a lot about needs enough to do something about it, but may not necessarily be aware of what needs need to be fulfilled.

so take initiative. if you care enough about needs to do something about it, find out what the needs are. if you're aware and know what needs are around you, find a way to do something about it. God is constantly working and constantly moving in and through people and circumstances. He's got a plan and you're huge part of it.

so be intentional about your decisions. if you believe God has a purpose for your life, live like you believe it! take initiative with purprose and pure intentions.

imagine what God can do if we all take initiative and live intentionally in obedience to Him?

so what do "HTCHs" have to do with all of this? this hospitality team community ministry provides a huge opportunity where you could put into practice taking initiative and living intentionally.

HTCH = hospitality team community head.

they are the ones in charge of the hospitality environment of their community. they are the leaders in creating an inviting, welcoming, fun, and interesting environment for people to encounter God and build relationships.

but without followers, there are no leaders. these HTCHs understand and taken on the challenge of taking the initiative and living intentionally. and they could use your help in doing the same as they organize and plan events and activities such as community dinners and follow-up for their community.

so who are these HTCHs?

newing = sara ito smito011@hotmail.co.jp
dickinson = michelle an man1@binghamton.edu
ciw = rachel goldberg lostmiaminut@gmail.com
mountainview = may wu hwu4@binghamton.edu
off-campus = wesley yee wyee1@binghamton.edu

if you would like to help be the followers that these leaders need or just have more questions about your specific community, drop them an email and let them know.

susquehanna, hillside, and hinman currently do not have HTCHs. if you would like to help start up community activities or get involved somehow in these communities, email binghamtonivcf@gmail.com for more information.

if you are a small group leader, you are highly encouraged to actively participate and work with the HTCH in the community you are currently serving.

if you are a small group member, you are highly encouraged to attend the small group in your community.

if you attend a small group in a different community because of schedule conflicts, you are highly encouraged to stay active in the community you live in, although you are welcome to participate in your small group's community activities (if you have the time) in addition to your own living community's activities.

don't be surprised if you get an email from your HTCH quite soon!
if you have any other questions, leave a comment or email binghamtonivcf@gmail.com.

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