Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i just wanted to say... (Pam)

hey all!

this blog was created in order to help the fellowship be on the same page and for you guys to understand how we're thinking through things... so, i wanted to share this with you guys (because one should never wait to encourage or edify others):

i just wanted to say that i feel so incredibly blessed to be serving with this year's e-board.
katy, joanna, steve and sunroot... you guys have affirmed me in who I am as a daughter and leader and servant in more ways that you know. you guys bring so much to the table (your God given gifts, your ideas, you vision, your passions) and i love diving in together, not being afraid of change, doing radical stuff and figuring it all out with you guys.

hey everybody, don't hesitate to encourage and build each other up! we live in an increasingly depressing, lost and deteriorating world and we can't afford to not do the best we can to share the love that God has unconditionally shown us.

okay so here's my challenge to you: think of someone and go encourage them. go! now! = )

bouncing around with joy,

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Gary said...

Thanks for being an awesome president. Thanks for being so accessible and willing to stop and talk in a world that's so fast-paced. Thanks for being SPAMTANEOUS! Thanks for being so selfless, always thinking of others before yourself. Thanks for being our inspirational leader who challenges us daily. Thanks for being a freaking tough soldier, continually fighting to see our vision spread. Lastly, thanks for being our friend who listens to our opinions and ideas even though we might think they're dumb.
Hope you feel encouraged... and happy that someone reads the blog and ACTUALLY did the challenge! WoW lol =]