Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New wine skins (Katy)

Hello InterVarsity! This is Katy McFadden (Outreach Coordinator) writing.

Some of you may be wondering why e-board is making a blog. So right off the bat, I thought I would give a brief explanation:

The days where every one in the fellowship knew every one else have long gone and the transition is pretty scary for us (as e-board and as a community). It is way more comfortable to be in a group where everyone can know every one else. It’s easier logistically, and it’s what we are used to. Being bigger requires more diligence to make sure that every one is included in the Body, more faith in God that He will do things out of our control, and most formidably, it requires change. (Scary, right?)

Daunting as it is though, we are never the less committed to the growth of the fellowship. If we do what we are supposed to be doing, InterVarsity will be a place where people encounter the God who brings transformation- and the more people who are involved, the greater number of people there are who are being transformed. We also know that to do what God has called us to do on the campus (to see the campus renewed and people sent out from here to change the world) we need as many people as we can get.

So, as we commit to the constant growth of this fellowship, we also commit to follow God in the inevitable changes that will occur. Always checking and replacing the wine skins so as not to loose new wine.

So here is a new wine skin. We (E-board) want everyone in the fellowship to understand why we do what we do- the method to our madness. At the same time having one on one conversations with everyone, taking big chunks of time at Large Group meetings, or having lots of people sit in on e-board meetings are impractical. Our hope is that this blog will give you valuable insight as to how decisions are being made, offer transparency in our leadership, and let you get to know us so that if you have a suggestion or question you will feel comfortable talking to us about it- even if we aren't already friends. We will try and update at least every week, and rotate who writes so you can get a sense of what we are all like.

E-board is super excited about this year, and we hope that comes through in our blogs, and gets you excited too!

With much love

Your Out-Reach Coordinator



mikeO said...

awesome idea eboard. hope this blog works out for the best.

Anonymous said...

agreed! i can keep tabs too =]

tammy said...

yay i'm excited! e-board, you guys are awesome and are doing an awesome job :D

Gary said...

Hmm a blog... interesting.
"Inside the E-Files"!!!