Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello everyone!

This is Matthew Tuttle, your President, and I am most excited to be back for Spring Semester and to have been given the privilege of leading you. I believe that this semesters going to be a really big one-- God is moving on our campus and I cannot wait to see what fruit we will see.

This past weekend, the Executive Board, Ministry Heads, and some Small Group Leaders got to attend Leaders Days, a weekend retreat for the leadership of chapters of InterVarsity in Eastern New York. We met together and prayed, worshiped, and planned. It was an awesome time, not just because we had fun together, but we caught a glimpse of the magnitude of God's mission-- extending far past the boundaries of Binghamton, NY.

I am proud to be a part of such a strong leadership team. I know my brothers and sisters have been chosen by God to bring our fellowship into a deeper level of commitment to our Vision of Transform, Renew, Change. We wait in eager expectation of the manifestation of God's power and glory, conscious of the work He is already doing through us.

I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce some more of the Leadership Team because they are some great people, whom I love. The first is our Administrator/Vice President, Tamaria Chan. Tammy has worked tirelessly for the past year, making sure that logistically, InterVarsity is running like a well-oiled machine. She brings a new meaning to the phrase "detail-oriented." It has been a pleasure serving with Tammy for the past year because I know that she is conscious of where her heart is, and is not satisfied until she is giving her 100%. Her dedication to our fellowship has been invaluable, and I look forward to the way she will bless us in this coming year. She is also a really good friend of mine, and I can attest to her beauty as a person (inside and out :D) and desire to serve God with her gifts.

Jonny Hui is a sophomore Engineering major serving as our Large Group Coordinator. I first began serving with Jonny on Large Group committee last semester and I was greatly impressed by the effort he put in to the little things. If you wonder why the door to Lecture Hall 14 doesn't slam anymore, it's because of him. It'd be easy to say that those sorts of things don't really matter, but what I see in that little act is something that I believe will translate into how Jonny runs the ministry: He strives for excellence, putting together many little, thought-over pieces to make something big and beautiful. It's been a real treat to watch Jonny grow into his position, and it'll be an even bigger treat to enjoy the large groups he coordinates.

Our Small Group Coordinator (or my replacement) is Priscilla Lin. Priscilla is a sophomore Chemistry major (I know- weird, right?) who has been dedicated to the small group ministry since she came to Binghamton. It was a true joy to work with her when we led the Dickinson small groups together in Spring 2009, as I was able to observe her evolution from small group member to small group leader and a tremendous growth in her desire to serve her peers. Priscilla is passionate about the transformative power of small groups on an individual, communal, and systemic level. She is also committed to caring for her small group leaders, so they in turn can care for their small group members. Expect great things from this girl.

Winnie Lee is our Outreach Coordinator. If I had to describe Winnie's passion and intensity on a scale from 1-10, I'd pick a 14.5. Winnie has blown me away in the few meetings we've had so far in the way that her heart breaks for the campus. Winnie has a very clear agenda: To get the 130 members of our fellowship to reach out to the 14,000 people on this campus. Sound a little lofty? I'd think so, but Winnie and I both know that we serve a God who is capable of doing that ten times over. Winnie's affinity in evangelism and living missionally has grown exponentially since I met her in Fall 2008 when I gave freshman-Winnie a tour of the campus. I know that leading with Winnie will be exciting and energizing, and I believe that Winnie will be a powerhouse in reminding all of us about why we do what we do.

Remember, our GIM is this Friday, January 29th, at 7:30pm in Lecture Hall 14!


bobosaur... said...

YAY!!! an update...finally...

GO E-BOARD...definitely will be keeping all of you in my prayers =]

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Joyce said...

i am so blessed reading this post, and really thankful for the way God has used the weakness and faithfulness of a handful of college students to build his Kingdom. i have never met any of you in person but have heard about the good things that have been going on.

dream big dreams, for nothing is impossible with Christ. i am even more so convinced seeing much God has answered prayers.

i hope to visit sometime this/next semester and meet you all :)

-joyce wong (class '06)