Monday, February 8, 2010

Small Groups 2010

Newing I (Bingham-Chenango)
led by Katy McFadden and Kat Pan* (contact:
Mondays, Bingham 5th Floor Lounge @ 7:00 PM

Newing II (Delware-Endicott)
led by Meir Mok and Priscilla Lin (contact:
Wednesdays, Endicott Lounge @ 7:00 PM

Dickinson I
led by Mike Leung, Andrew Steier, and Mary Tuttle* (contact:
Tuesdays, O’Connor Lounge @ 8:00 PM

Dickinson II
led by Matt Tuttle and Oscar He* (contact:
Wednesdays, Digman Lounge @ 7:00 PM

led by Charles Young and Rachel Goldberg (contact:
Mondays, Oneida 1st Floor Lounge @ 7:30 PM

led by Will Chang and Brian Lee* (contact:
Tuesdays, Onondaga 3rd Floor Lounge @ 7:00 PM

led by Joanna Lee, Anthony Chen, Jen Lee* (contact:
Thursdays, Hinman Cafe near Table @ 7:30 PM

led by Steve Kong, Jonathan Jacob, and Garnett Benjamin (contact:
Wednesdays, Choconut 201 @ 7:00 PM

Indian/South Asian
led by Carissa Rajoon, Marilynn Chacko, and Angel Abraham (
Sundays, Appalachian 111 @ 3:00 PM

led by Lindsey Privitera and Gwang Lee (contact:
Mondays, 240 Hudson Street, Johnson City @ 7:00 PM

led by Thomas Chen and Colin Anderson (contact:
Mondays, Choconut 201 @ 7:30 PM

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