Thursday, September 2, 2010

GIM Tonight!

Who: Everyone's invited!
What: General Interest Meeting - Learn more about who InterVarsity is and why we're here on campus.
Where: Lecture Hall 14
When: Doors open @ 9:30pm
Why: Because God calls us to be way more than your average student group, and we invite everyone to come join us.

Yesterday I was at the Susquehanna/Hillside Pillow Night NSO and someone asked me what InterVarsity was. I gave a lame answer, saying that we were a student group on campus that was on a mission to change the world. What does that even mean?

When I thought about it later, I thought about how much God was so relevant in my life, in our generation, and in our world today. I thought about how InterVarsity means to me and how much I've learned that there a big plan that God has that goes way beyond me, but still God invites me to be a part of it, and how He has empowered me to come alongside of Him. And I thought about how so good that is that there's just no way we could keep it to ourselves. God's inviting me, He's inviting you, and He's inviting the people of this community to strive for the world that God had intended.

And then I thought...why couldn't I just say that when I was asked??

When I was walking home from running errands today there was a girl with a t-shirt that said, "A goal with a plan is just a wish" on the back. How true is that?

Brothers and sisters, God has a big goal and a big plan, and InterVarsity is here to help carry that out, to be the answers to the very prayers so many are praying for.

Take a few minutes to just think about what drew you to InterVarsity in the first place, and share that with the new friends we make tonight.

See you at the pillow fight in the peace quad!


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